Rahul Prasad

My story

Mr RAHUL PRASAD, B.Tech Graduate from National Institute of Technology,Bhopal 2009 Batch.Heis a professional full time Trader with over 6+years of Trading experience in Indian Equity,Commodity market .His passion lies on Price Dynamics  thus he chosen to foray his ventures in full time Trading profession after a successful completion of his latest Research in Geometrical Simulations in Index & Stock Prices. 

Over the span of Eight Years He was deeply involved in to find out the Price Action of Stock & Index prices using Angles &Coordinates.With the help of his research he can predict the direction of the prices in advance,enhancing the accuracy of the Trades.

Mr Rahul Prasad believes that Trading is not Gambling,Trading is like a Mathematical Equations which can be solved with 100 % accuracy as a Trader.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.